Making a Halloween pumpkin

This week we began the build up to Halloween by making our own pumpkin lantern. We counted the seeds that were inside- 304!!!!! And described how it felt.

Making Gingerbread men

This week we have been enjoying the Gingerbread man story. We have made some salt dough gingerbread men for our home corner bakery and had a go at making some yummy gingerbread men of our own to eat.

Happy Birthday Reed

Happy Birthday Sasa

Great story telling from Ainsey-Joe

Having spent a week learning a story called ‘Finding a Friend’, Ainsley -Joe did an amazing job of innovating his own version. We were all super impressed.

Goldilocks and policeman Plod- an hilarious role play afternoon

It started off quite innocently with Riley playing the part of ‘Daddy bear’. The other children joined in and were warned to watch out for Goldilocks. Ms Holdsworth suddenly appeared with a blonde wig. The children wanted to arrest her. Then before we knew it- a blonde haired policewoman arrived to arrest the Bears! The children thought it was brilliant. It was very funny.

Bobby’s nest

Maths week