Children in need

A Masterclass in spelling with Reed

Reed has shown a brilliant grasp of letter sounds and happily spent a good 15 minutes or so writing cvc words on the large smartboard. Great sounding out Reed.

Watch out! There’s pirates about!

You had better be careful coming into nursery this week, as there are pirates lurking. As part of our ‘Build it’ topic, the children have been given props to support building pirate ships, something they have shown a keen interest in since the beginning of September. Now they get the chance to create their own treasure maps, make messages for bottles and keep an eye out for other pirates wanting to steal their treasure.

Look at my numbers

Sasa is really enjoying the fact that he can write some of his numbers. He looks for them everywhere and has a go writing them at every opportunity. Very impressive Sasa.

Go Noah!

I was so impressed with how Noah’s number recognition had come on today. You were amazing Noah. It’s great to see you so hooked into your learning.

Shape mates

After playing a game of shape bingo, the game was left out and Havin, Kyla and Gracie decided they wanted to play on. Gracie took the role of teacher. It was great to hear such good colour and sound recognition. Well done girls.